Russian criticism of US troops in Norway

Russian flagRussian flag.Photo:Pixabay


The Russian Embassy in Oslo has repeated its criticism of the plan to deploy more than 300 US soldiers at Værnes, and says it will not make northern Europe safer.

– The stationing of a rotating force of around 330 soldiers from the US Marine Corps at Værnes, will surely not make the security situation in Northern Europe better, wrote the spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Oslo, Maksim Gurov, in an email to AFP.

It is the US which has initiated the deployment to Vaernes in Nord-Trondelag from January 2017. There is talk of a trial, and the scheme will be evaluated in 2017.

The aim is that the forces will train and practice together with Norwegian and possibly other forces at different places in the country.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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