Russian man due for imprisonment after explosive device found in an apartment in Oslo

Rosenhoff i OsloRosenhoff in Oslo.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The police will request custody of a man charged with causing extensive police action and found with a suspicious object in an apartment in Oslo.


The man in his late 30’s is a Russian citizen with a Chechen background, and was known to the police from earlier interactions. He is charged with possession of explosives after the police found a suspicious object in a Rosenhoff apartment in Oslo on Thursday night.

At 21.00 on Friday night, the police ended a long interrogation of the man. The conclusion of the interrogation was that the police will request the man is imprisoned in a court hearing in Oslo District Court on Saturday, reported the intelligence division spokesperson, Grete Lien Metlid, of Oslo Police District to NTB news.

“It was a long questioning, but I can not go into details of what emerged beyond our belief that there is a basis for requesting the man’s imprisonment,” said Metlid.

The mysterious object had been investigated on Friday, but the police declined to go into detail.

It was at 18.00 on Thursday that the police were told that a person in a Rosenhoff apartment was injured and needed help. On the basis of information that there might be weapons in the apartment, the police chose to be armed when they visited the address.

When they arrived at the apartment, they quickly took control of three people, but also gained information that there could be explosives in the home. This triggered a full scan of the building,first with a sniffer dog, and also with a manual search.

The search resulted in the discovery of the suspicious object and one of the people in the apartment being charged with possession of explosives. According to Metlid, the other two people have a status as witnesses in the case. These people were also questioned on Friday.

Residing in Eastern Norway

It was the Russian who suffered minor injuries in the apartment. The police said the man inflicted some of the injuries on himself.

‘’He doesn’t live in Oslo, but was visiting. He is living somewhere else, in Eastern Norway, and has lived in Norway for several years,’’ said Metlid.


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