Russian TV: Vegetable crisis in Norway

VegetablesVegetables.Photo. Norway Today Media

According to Russia’s largest TV channel, Norwegian grocery stores have introduced rationing on vegetables.

Bama, the largest vegetable producer, denies the allegations.

The Russian Channel 1 has stated that the Norwegian, Danish and British stores are now rationing vegetables, reports Aftenposten.

– For example, it is only allowed to sell a few heads of cabbage, broccoli and lettuce per person, informs the television news Vremya on the Russian state TV channel.

The news has spread to amongst others, the Ukrainian Interfax.

Bama and Coop Norway can reassure that the news is not true:

– The day there is rationing of vegetables, I think we’d know about it, says Bama Information Director Hanne Linnert.

– This seems to go along with a trend of false news, as we’ve seen a lot of during the past year. They often have a grain of truth in them, but are powerfully distorted or exaggerated, says Junior Researcher Malin Østevik at NUPI Research Group for Russia, Eurasia and Arctic.

This time, a hint of truth originates from news in the British media (Daily Mail and BBC), that the supermarket chains Tesco and Morrison introduced limits on how much lettuce the customers could purchase at a time.

The reason is due to problems with deliveries from Spain after a bad winter.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today