Russia’s former Foreign Minister Kozyrev: Putin will not use nuclear weapons

Vladimir PutinPhoto: AP Photo / Pavel Golovkin, File

President Vladimir Putin is a rational person and will not start a nuclear war, Russia’s former Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev believes.

Kozyrev, who was Russia’s foreign minister from 1990 to 1996, calls the invasion of Ukraine terrible but warns against believing that Putin is irrational.

Putin, on the other hand, has begun to believe in his own propaganda, i.e., that US President Joe Biden and the EU are weak, and he has overestimated Russia’s military force, Kozyrev wrote on Twitter.

“For 20 years, the Kremlin has tried to modernize the Russian army. A large part of the budget was stolen and spent on megayachts in Cyprus. But, as a defense adviser, you can’t report that to the president. They have instead reported lies,” he added.


According to Kozyrev, Putin has also spent the last 20 years believing that Ukraine is not really a country and that it should at best be a satellite state.

He has missed all these points, but that does not make him insane, according to the former foreign minister.

“In my eyes, he is rational. And considering that he is rational, I am strongly convinced that he will not intentionally use nuclear weapons against the West,” Kozyrev wrote.

“The conclusion is that the West should not make any unilateral concessions or limit its support to Ukraine out of fear of nuclear war,” he concluded.

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