Said no to lease Nidarosdomen to the world’s largest weapon producer

Nidaros Cathedral embezzlement Joint Church CouncilNidaros Cathedral, Trondheim

The F-35 manufacturer Lockheed Martin was first told yes to hire Nidarosdomen, but the leader of the Norwegian Church finally put down his foot.


Until 2025, Norway will acquire up to 52 combat aircraft with weapons and equipment worth of NOK 71.5 billion from Lockheed Martin.

In connection with the arrival of the first F-35 aircraft on Norwegian soil, an official ceremony will be held at the Ørland Air Station on 10 November.

Relevant to this, Lockheed Martin would rent the Nidarosdom to arrange a concert and celebrate the arrival of the new combat aircraft. They were allowed to rent the room for around 50,000 kroner, writes NRK.

– We made an internal decision on this and we considered it as a connection concert where we hold a concert with our organist for half an hour. We answered yes because this is a national event and delivery of a huge contract, says church manager in Nidaros Cathedral and Our Lady’s congregation, Jan Schrøder, to the canal.

The leader of the Norwegian church, Helga Byfuglien, immediately put her foot down when she heard that the American weapons manufacturer had rented the Nidarosdomen.

“I adhere to what the Church meeting has taken for granted – celebrating this in the national sanctuary is not in line with how the church is to be managed,” she said to the same channel.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today