Sandberg should consider his future

Mazyar Keshvari Sandberg travel expensesMazyar Keshvari (Progress Party). Photo. Progress Party

Sandberg should consider his future in the Frp

Mazyar Keshvari (Progress Party), who himself has an Iranian background, is hurt by Sandberg’s description of Iran as a holiday paradise, asking him to consider his future in the Progress Party.


– To speak of Iran as a holiday paradise, I find very hurting. For me personally, but also on behalf of the party, Keshvari says to NRK.

The Minister of Fisheries, Per Sandberg, is criticised by many after it became known that he spent his summer holiday in Iran together with his Norwegian-Iranian girlfriend Bahareh Letnes. This without informing the Prime Minister’s office properly beforehand.

Keshvari came to Norway as a refugee from Iran in 1986 and has previously been Sandberg’s immigration policy spokesperson. He is currently the leader of the Progress Party in Oslo.

He says he is deeply upset by Sandberg’s chosen holiday destination and believes he is endangering the perception that the Progress Party (Frp) is a political party which is fighting Islamist terror regimes.

Whitewashing the regime

– Attempts have been made to stupefy and whitewash the regime by talking about beaches he has visited, bathing and generally enjoying himself. He does not mention with a single word that women are not allowed to bathe at these beaches, says Keshvari.

The Minister of Fisheries believes Keshvari’s criticism is missing the target completely and that he mixes the Iranian regime with a great people in a great country.

– Slowly but surely, the people of Iran oppose the dictatorship and abuse. I stand shoulder against shoulder with the people of all countries who wish for the basic values that Keshvari and I stand for. Freedom of expression, gender equality, democracy and freedom of choice, even in Iran. If this is in violation of the FrP values, I will consider my position as the deputy leader of the party, he writes in an email to NRK.

No comment from Siv Jensen

– I register that Per Sandberg has been on holiday to Iran. This does not change Frp’s critical attitude to the policy led by the country’s regime, writes Party leader in the Progress Party, Siv Jensen in an email to NRK.

The Labour and Socialist parties have asked for answers from both Prime Minister Erna Solberg and the Minister of Fisheries, Per Sandberg, about his relations surrounding the holiday in Iran, and his relationship with Bahareh Letnes who participated on the trip.

Letnes is also the owner of a company that aims to «manufacture, develop, buy and sell, including the export of fish and seafood products and other things that naturally relate to this».

Sandberg admitted on Thursday that he did not operate in line with the safety guidelines when he brought his work phone with him on a holiday in Iran, but says that he had learned from his mistakes. Hopefully, he’s not closing the stable doors after the horses have gone.


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