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Driver in Sandefjord has reported himself

Ambulance Sandefjord Fatal accidentA Couple was hit by a car on a walkway along Lahelleveien in Sandefjord on Friday night. The woman died, while her husband sustained minor injuries only. Photo: Trond Reidar Teigen / NTB scanpix

Indicted driver in Sandefjord has reported to the police

A man in his thirties, whom the police have charged with manslaughter after a collision in Sandefjord on Friday night, reported himself on Saturday afternoon. A woman in her fifties died after being hit by a car.

“He contacted the police in Sandefjord at approximately 4.30 pm,” Police Lawyer of the Southeast Police District, Renate Tveite, informs.

It was a married couple in their fifties who were mowed down when a silver-grey Audi A3, for unknown reasons, swerved of Lahelleveien in Sandefjord and onto the walkway that runs parallel to the road.

The police were notified of the accident around 8 pm on Friday night. A little before midnight, information was issued that the injured woman had perished. The husband sustained minor injuries only.


The driver of the Audi left the scene after the accident. The car wasn’t discovered before 9.52 pm at Hasle in Sandefjord. The police indicted a man in his thirties  On Saturday afternoon, before he thus reported himself.

The Police states that the suspect will not be questioned before noon tomorrow, Sunday. It is not stated whether the man has a defender appointed yet.

It will be decided whether the man will be presented for custody after that interrogation.


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Not his car

Tveite states that the suspect is not the owner of the car. It, apparently, belongs to a woman who is currently abroad. The indicted man is reportedly the ex-husband of said woman.

“We have no indication that the car is stolen or that it was used without permission,” Tveite tells NTB.

The man does not possess a valid driver’s license. This, supposedly, due to previous accounts of driving while under the influence.

Nobody witnessed the actual incident, but several whom the police have spoken to, have informed about a car that was seen driving at high speed shortly thereafter. the police are still working on both the tactical and technical investigation of the collision on Saturday evening.

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