SAS aircraft with emergency landing in Canada

SASSAS.Photo: Pixabay

An SAS plane en route Chicago to Copenhagen had to land in Canada after the pressure in the cabin dropped.

The plane had 196 passengers on board, and no one was injured, according to SAS.

Because of the pressure drop the plane, for safety reasons had to descend from a height of 10.500 meters to about 4,500 meters in a few minutes.

– It is a normal safety procedure when we experience decompression in the cabin, Press Officer in SAS, Tonje Sund, says.

The plane had to land at the n Goose Airport in eastern Canada. According to Sund the controlled landing was perfectly normal. Technicians will examine the plane to find out what was the cause of the pressure drop.

– This is something that rarely happens, but we have clear procedures and processes to ensure the safety of our passengers, according to Sund.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today