SAS suspends flights to Turkey Saturday

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SAS nominates two flights from Oslo and Copenhagen to Turkey Saturday. Norwegian pending situation.

– It’s taken decision to nominate two flights from Oslo at 14 and Copenhagen at 6.30 to Turkey, says Karin Nyman, Director of Communications SAS NTB after 3 o’clock on Friday night. SAS also operates a charter flight from Bergen, and Nyman asks travelers contact the charter company for more information.
When NTB was in contact with Norwegian eve at 2 on Friday night was not taken a decision on their flights to Turkey Saturday.
– The situation is very unclear, and I can not yet say anything about the flights will be affected, says press officer Astrid Mannion in Norwegian NTB. The airline has scheduled two airplane wings to Antalya Saturday, one from Oslo at 6 and another from Trondheim at 15. Mannion says that Norwegian security department is monitoring the situation closely and will provide passengers notified directly as soon as possible if there are changes.
Foreign Affairs advises against all travel to Turkey that are not strictly necessary and asks Norwegians in Turkey register at: “For travel questions contact airlines. In need of emergency assistance, call: 2395 2395, “writes UD Twitter.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today