On Saturday Bergen takes position at starting line for another big event

Pride parade in Oslo SaturdayPride parade in Oslo .Photo: Norway Today Media

While the Cycling World Championship put Bergen on the map, it’s position will be settled on Saturday if the city between seven mountains becomes the organiser of the Europride Festival in 2020.


’The chase is between four cities. Bergen is fighting against Hamburg, Brussels, and Thessaloniki in Greece. The latter is a favourite, with Bergen a good 2nd place’, said city councillor, Erlend Horn of Venstre (V) to Bergensavisen newspaper.

Horn is in Gothenburg, where he is representing Bergen as a city to host the event. On Saturday afternoon, it will be decided which city will host the festival.

‘Our goal is to show that Bergen is good at arranging large events. Therefore, it is quite fortuitous that the Cycling World Championship has just become a people’s event that everyone is talking about’, said Horn, who also pointed out that Bergen is a front runner when it comes to important LHBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) issues.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today