Saudi Arabia imposes a ban on spying on a spouse’s phone

SmartphoneIllustration: Smartphone

Saudi Arabia has introduced a ban on hacking the cell phone to a spouse, at risk of a million kroner fine and imprisonment.


The government of Saudi Arabia announced on Monday that this kind of activity would be considered cyber-crime and if you break the law you can get a fine of 500,000 rijals, which is equivalent to approximately one million Norwegian kroner, and one year’s imprisonment.

The law came into force last week and, according to the government,the purpose of the act is to “protect the people and society’s morals,as well as protect the right to privacy.”

Ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia is the world’s top user of mobile apps and social media per capita. More than half of the inhabitants of the country are under 25 years old and they spend a lot of time online.

Recently, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been responsible for a number of new laws in the country, for example, for the first time,women in Saudi Arabia have the opportunity to drive a car, go to a cinema and attend sporting events.

Critics emphasise that this is not exclusively positive and, among others,Amnesty International warned that this may be a diversion from the increasing oppression in the country.


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