Save the Children Norway enters a major contract in Somalia

SomaliaSomali woman and her children carry their belongings back homeREUTERS/Feisal Omar (SOMALIA) / SCANPIX

Save the Children Norway has signed an agreement worth 250 million kroner to help one million drought affected people in Somalia, announced the organisation.


The agreement has been signed with the development agency, ‘Internal Governance Authority on Development (IGAD)’ and is funded by the African Development Bank.

“Last year, Somalia, with the support of the international community, managed to ward off a famine. But if there is no rain, or insufficient relief, we see clear signs that the situation will be even more precarious this year,” said Foreign Director of Redd Barna, Amar Bokhari.

Somalia has been hard hit by drought. 5.4 million people need humanitarian aid, of whom 2.8 million are children, according to UNICEF.

The new agreement will provide access to clean water to approximately one million, provide food to more than 330,000 people in crisis, as well as provide medicines and equipment to fight cholera outbreaks.

According to Save the Children Norway, the contract is the largest they have ever entered into.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today