Save the Children: The suffering of Palestinian children is not over

Palestinian child - Gaza CityPhoto: AP Photo / Abdel Kareem Hana

Despite a ceasefire, the suffering of Palestinian children is not over, Save the Children emphasizes.

“Even if the clashes are over, it does not mean that the children’s suffering is over. Let us not forget the price that vulnerable families and children have had to pay for this eleven-day conflict,” Jason Lee, the head of Save the Children’s operations in the occupied Palestinian territories, noted.

A total of 65 children have been killed and around 500 injured in the Gaza Strip, and two children have been killed in Israel.

“Many will have to live with mental, emotional, and physical scars for the rest of their lives. Houses have been destroyed, schools and hospitals have been damaged, and thousands of families have been torn apart and displaced, Lee said.

Save the Children demands full access to the Gaza Strip and asks Israel to let in everything needed – food and medicine, clean water, and fuel.

“Steps must be taken immediately to lift the Israeli blockade, which is the underlying reason why Gaza’s children are being denied rights,” Lee said.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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