Scientists fear that the beaches in Norway may disappear

Jomfruland outside Kragerø.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

Scientists predict that many beaches in Norway can be considerably smaller towards the turn of the century. Some may be completely gone.

“Based on the emissions we have of greenhouse gases, we expect an increase in sea level of 80 centimeters to up to one meter on a global basis over the next 100 years,” says researcher Halfdan Kierulf at the geodisidist division Halfdan Kierulf in the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s NRK.

However, these forecasts do not take into account whether the large ice masses in Greenland and in the Antarctic should they collapse.

“If they were to collapse, we are talking about significantly higher numbers, perhaps up to many meters,” says Kierulf.

In Norway, the sea level rise will hit beaches in Western Norway and Lofoten the hardest. The beaches in eastern Norway are well-placed because of higher elevation in the interior of the Oslo Fjord.

Around the Norwegian coast we expect the sea level to rise by about 80 centimeters in the outermost areas, such as in Lofoten. And decreasing to 50 centimeters in areas such as Narvik and Mo i Rana, where you have greater land uplift.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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