Seaweed and kelp are struggling along the Skagerrak coast

Seaweed and kelpSeaweed and kelp.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix


Due to muddier water and more sludge on the seabed, there has been poor growth conditions for seaweed and kelp along the Skagerrak coast and in the Oslofjord.

In general, the condition for algae communities in the area has been worse in the last five years than in the five-year period before, the Environment Directorate writes in a press release.

Now the results from the eco-coastal monitoring program show that the development is in the wrong direction also on outer coastal areas along the Skagerrak coast. This allows the situation to be more severe. Seaweed and kelp need light to grow. Climate change leads to greater rainfall and milder winters, which causes more particles, more dyes (humus) and nutrients from the land to flow into the fjord.

In addition, gradually rising sea temperature can create further problems for the important ecosystems.

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