Seeks info on Russ ravages in Greece

Russ Graduate student high school"Russelue". Traditional headgear for Norwegian High school Graduate Students. Photo: NTB scanpix

Kripos wants to know more about the Russ ravages in Greece

The Norwegian Crime Unit (Kripos) has contacted their Greek colleagues for more information pertaining next year’s Russ (High School graduates) partying and fighting on the islands of Kos and Ios in Greece.


According to NRK, it is the Oslo Police District who has asked Kripos to establish contact with the Greek authorities.

– We have not received any information yet. We have sent them a written request where we ask for more information, says Press Kripos, Ida Dahl Nilssen to the national broadcaster.

In recent days, the media have reported of a series of serious events among future Russ who have travelled to Greece. Several youngsters have been arrested for violence, while others have stated that they have been doped.

Established contact

The reports have come to a large extent from the Greek islands of Kos and Ios.

– We have requested information about incidents related to Kos and Ios. We will see if it becomes necessary to ask for more information at a later stage, but the most important thing is now is to establish contact with the Greek authorities, says Nilssen.

The police do not rule out that events that have occurred in Greece can be followed up in Norway.

– We are a hub for the Norwegian police districts to instigate international police cooperation. The information will be central to assessing how to follow up the incidents locally in Norway, says Nilssen.


Ole Magnus Jensen, who heads the police’s precautionary section in Asker and Bærum, has asked Kripos for information on the cases in Greece.

– We have sent a request to Kripos if there is anything we should know about regarding our citizens. We are looking for information that will be of interest to us for preventative reasons when we are dealing with the Russ during the festivities next spring, Jensen told the local newspaper Budstikka on Monday.


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