Further seizure of sex dolls that resemble children

Sex doll Sex dollsCustoms officers have impounded 21 Sex dolls. Photo: Tolletaten / NTB scanpix

So far this year, the Customs Union has seized seven sexualised dolls that look like children, against ten in 2016, and eighteen in 2017.


According to VG newspaper, Kripos (Criminal Investigation Unit) believes the fewer seizures in the past year are due to media attention and several having been convicted of being in possession of sexualised dolls that represent children, with realistic skin, big eyes, and long hair – approximately one meter long.

According to the Directorate of Labour, the first of the child sex dolls was seized at Gardermoen airport in October 2016.

Everyone has been notified

Everyone who has ordered the total of 39 dolls seized so far has been notified. It is not illegal to introduce sex dolls with the body of an adult, so when such dolls are found by the Customs,it does not lead to prosecution. When the body is designed as a child, the case is covered by section 311 of the Criminal Code and punishable by fines and confiscation of the doll.

In November last year, however, a 23-year-old man from Østfold was sentenced in Fredrikstad District Court to six months in prison,for example, for having ordered a sexualised child. The verdict was the first of its kind. Since then there has been a similar verdict in Finnmark.

New phenomenon

According to Kripos, the cases reported last year were somewhat differently handled in separate police districts, probably because this is a new phenomenon.

“Many were dropped without investigation, as there was probably uncertainty about punishment. In several of the cases where the police acted, abuse material was found,’’ said Ann Kristin Grosberghaugen, head of the rape section in Kripos.

According to Kripos, there is a connection between the use of sex dolls resembling children and the risk of abuse.

“The more faithful the doll and the simulation of the abuse are, the greater is the risk of committing real abuse when living with real children,” said Grosberghaugen.


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