‘Serial Eater’ (Seriespiser) arrested again for not paying the bill

RestaurantRestaurant.Photo: Pixabay

For years, the man in his 40’s has cheated restaurants in eastern Norway by eating and drinking, and then not paying the bill. Now he’s been arrested again.


In total, he must have done the same to over 100 restaurants, according to Romerike Blad newspaper.

On Friday, he struck at three restaurants at Jessheim, in Lillestrøm, and in Drammen. He was arrested by the police.

According to Drammen Tidende newspaper (DT), the man was so drunk that he had to go to the emergency room before being transported to the police station.The police say there isn’t much that they can do.

‘By law, it is not punishable to eat and drink without being able to pay if you agree to give up personal details. And he does,’ said police operations manager, Trond Egil Groth, to DT.

The man has been convicted 18 times for similar offences, but that doesn’t stop him from doing it again. Among other things, he was sentenced to 90 days imprisonment in October 2016 for six restaurant defaults, and breaching a ban on visits to several restaurants.

‘It’s a disease. When I see a restaurant, I get tempted and unable to control it’,he told Romerikes Blad in September 2016.


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