Seven in custody after extensive actions against Somali drug network in Oslo

Police at workOSLO.Police at work.Photo : Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

The Police have arrested seven people believed to be a part of a greater Somali drug network in Oslo, after a drug bust of nearly 20 kgs heroin.

The seven people, all of Somali origin, are in custody, according to TV 2.

This happened after the police since early February has focused on the numerous individuals they suspect are involved in extensive drug crimes in Oslo.

The seizure of 20 kgs of heroin is described as the largest in the capital for a long time. The Grønland Police station has cooperated with the Department for organized crime in what is called ‘Operation Tøyenbadet’.

The Police have cracked down on the open drug sales in the Grønland, Tøyen and the Aker River districts, which they assumed would lead them to the men in charge of the network.

– This is a Somali network that quite obviously has provided Oslo with heroin, and as such is a significant network knocked-out this time around, says the leader of the organized crime unit, Einar Aas, to TV 2.

The seven arrested range from just under 30 and up to 50 years old, and is believed to have been able to work undisturbed over time. They have previously been active in the buying and selling of khat.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today