Seven linked to network sharing images of abuse

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The police in Bergen has since before Christmas indicted seven men sharing and distribution of images depicting horrendous abuse of children. Five of them have confessed.

Both fathers of toddlers and men in the oil industry is among the accused, tied to an encrypted network which produced images of child abuse, BergensAvisen writes.
The first arrest in the case occurred on December 8 last year. Then a 28 year old father of young children from Bergen was detained, and he has now been held in custody for a long time. The police believe he has been a part of the network for several year. The man denies guilt and claims someone has stolen his identity.
A 32-year-old man who was arrested just before Christmas and later released, also denies culpability.
The youngest of the accused is a 23-year student, who is in custody.
– My client has laid all his cards on the table. He has cooperated with the police ever since he was arrested, his defender Fredrik Verling said.
Four other men  who have been charged in the case, have admitted guilt.
The backdrop to the case is that the US Federal Police FBI took over what is considered to be the largest website for children abuse material over a year ago. The site was closed last summer, and the investigation has led the police to several people in Norway, the newspaper said


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today