Seven years old in church asylum

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Seven years old girl in church asylum – is not retrieved

A seven year old girl sits in church asylum, but the Supreme Court says she should be transferred to her father in Spain. The father’s lawyer is upset that the girl is not retrieved.


Both the district court and the court of appeal has concluded that the girl and her two brothers should be with her British father in Spain. This is also the Supreme Court’s conclusion.

The two brothers were picked up by the child welfare at school, and then the mother brought the seven-year-old daughter to Spjelkavik church, where the congregation has granted them asylum, writes Dagbladet.

The mother’s lawyer has gone to court to stop the transfer of the girl. The father’s attorney, Sol Elden, says that a ruling by the Frostating Court of Appeal about surrender has been enforceable since June 17, but the bailiff has not yet enforced the decision.

Hague convention

I am both stated and upset, says Elden to the newspaper.

The bailiff writes in an email to the newspaper that it is given a reprieve until July 7 to appeal and submit a motion to overset the deadline. Elden rejects this.

– The case has been reviewed by five courts and the decision is enforceable. Norway has obligations under the Hague Convention. Execution is expected to occur immediately, she says.

The Supreme Court has decided that a Spanish court should decide the question of custody.


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