Several criminals deported from Norway by force

criminals deported from norway PU Police DeportationForced Deportation from Norway. Photo: PU

Several criminals deported from Norway by force

The Police Immigration Unit (PU) deported 179 convicted persons from Norway in May. This corresponds to 40 percent of the total of 452 people who were transported out.


Almost half of the convicted criminals come from just three countries: Romania, Poland and Lithuania. The numbers are according to PUs forced deportation statistics for the month of May.

In total, PU has transported out 866 people who have been sentenced in a court of law in the first five months of the year. Last year at the same time, the corresponding figure was 824.

Overall, the total number of returns in the first five months of the year is 2,354, 28 percent fewer than last year. The explanation is that there are very few asylum seekers coming to Norway presently. Therefore, there are fewer to send out.

105 different countries

– We are approaching a year and a half with very low arrivals. This also affects the deportation statistics, says chief of PU, Morten Hojem Ervik.

Around 400 of those who are sent out by force this year has received a final rejection of their asylum application. Additionally, 200 people are sent out because their asylum application is being processed in another country.

Those who are deported have been sent to a total of 105 different countries. The largest recipient countries are Sweden, Italy, Romania and Poland with around 200 people to each of them.


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