Several golf call-outs for the Oslo police

Golf ballGolf.

Several golf call-outs for the Oslo police on Friday night

Three young men hit golf balls down a street in central Oslo on Friday night. Police were more impressed with their ability to apologize than their golf skills.


The police were told that three young men hit golf balls down Rosenkrantz’ gate in Oslo, writes NRK. The police were not impressed by their skills.

At half past three in the morning, the police reported on Twitter that “3 young men played ‘urban golf’ and hit balls down Rosenkrantz’ gate. Rating far above par, but no one was hit by the strikes”

Stroll on the highway

The police followed up with “The men realized the foolishness and groveled so much flat that the patrol was impressed. Two golf sets were impounded and the men were expelled from the city centre.”

It was not the night’s first golf event for the police. Two hours earlier, the police had to dispatch a patrol to E18 near Asker Budstikka writes. There a bus with nearly 50 golfers had broken down, and several golf players, who were intoxicated and in a good mood, were strolling on the motorway. The police reprimanded the gang, and around one am everyone had moved on to a replacement bus, as well as taxis, the police reports.


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