Several key documents about commuter housing have disappeared from the Storting: “Unacceptable”

Masud Gharahkhani -Marianne AndreassenPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Several key documents about commuter housing have either been deleted or otherwise disappeared from the Norwegian parliament’s (Storting) archives. “Unacceptable,” President of the Storting Masud Gharahkhani says.

The Storting’s regulations state that all representatives must report on their housing conditions once a year. The administration still has problems locating several such documents, the newspaper Aftenposten writes.

The newspaper has asked for housing documents concerning Eva Kristin Hansen (AP) several times this autumn but has not received a response from the Storting’s administration.

Applications deleted

Hansen’s lawyer John Christian Elden has also requested these documents. He has received some, but not all he has asked for. He thinks they no longer exist.

Other forms have been removed from the archives in other ways.

Two of Kjell Ingolf Ropstad’s commuter housing applications have been deleted, according to the Storting. 

According to Aftenposten, this is said to have happened in connection with the transition to a new case processing system several years ago.

“It is crucial to find the documents”

Law professor Hans Fredrik Marthinussen at the University of Bergen says a form that shows whether politicians commute to a home other than the one in their hometown can be decisive in a possible investigation of the commuter cases.

“These forms can get someone convicted of intentional fraud. In extreme cases, they can lead to imprisonment. It is therefore crucial that these documents are found,” Marthinussen noted.

Gharahkhani: Unacceptable

The newly elected President of the Storting, Masud Gharahkhani (AP) told TV 2 that this is completely unacceptable.

“It shows that we did not have control and systems in place. I have informed the director of the Storting that this is not the way things can be, now it must be cleaned up on all levels – and I am doing that cleaning job,” he said.

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