Several mayors thinks that a bridge is the solution over the Oslofjord

BridgeIllustration: Golden Gate Bridge, Photo: Pixabay

Bridge over troubled waters

After the fire in Oslofjordtunnelen on Friday, several mayors from the surrounding communities agree that the tunnel must be replaced by a bridge.



– This is both a question of reliability and personal safety. Shall we send heavy transport drivers entering the tunnel with the heart in their throat? The mayor of Ski, Tuva Moflag (Labour), tells NRK.

She clearly states that a new bridge is the solution, although it will take longer to get in place and could cost up to 10 billion more than a new tunnel. – Now we must realize that a tunnel is not the solution, says Moflag. She and fellow Mayor of Nesodden , Nina Sandberg, now notifies that they will send an urgent letter to the Minister of Transport, Ketil Solvik-Olsen (FRP), in which they request an answer to the amount the frequent closures of Oslofjordtunnelen costs society. The tunnel is closed 200-300 times yearly.


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