Several had notified PST about 17-year-old extreme attitudes

Bomb Alarm in GrønlandOslo.Bomb Alarm in Grønland..Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Several people in the environment around the accused 17-year-old in Oslo have notified the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST), that they have been concerned about his extreme views, according to NRK.

PST said at a news conference on Sunday afternoon that a 17-year-old with Russian citizenship has been charged after it was found an explosive charge in the Grønland District of Oslo late Saturday night.

NRK has confirmed the identity of 17-year-old, who is living in northern Norway together with his family.

Several people knowing the boy say they have notified of concern regarding his extreme views, and that they have alerted the local police.

After what NRK knows, the local police conducted concern conversations with the boy, and the PST were notified. According to the news channel, the 17-year-old has an open Facebook profile, which does not show any particular trace of extremist views.

– I’ve just been waiting for it to happen. I have reported on him time and again, says one who claims to have known the 17-year-old since he came to Norway.

Police Attorney Signe Aaling confirms that PST had knowledge of the arrested person from earlier, but only regarding preventive measures. According to NRK, several persons notified the police about the teenager.

The boy refuses culpability according to defends lawyer Aase Karine Sigmond, who told Aftenposten that the suspect denotes the explosive charge as “kid pranks” and that he is opposed to radical Islam.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today