Several parties were larger than the government’s recommendation

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Police in a number of places have stopped parties on Saturday night and Sunday night, some with 50 or more participants. The government recommendation is a maximum of 20 people.

This is not a law that you can be punished for breaking, but a recommendation. Minister of Health Bent Høie (H) nevertheless believes that everyone should follow the advice.

“My hope is that you should be able to wake up on Sunday and be able to think that you have not done anything on the weekend that you regret, and that you realize that there is an increase in infection now, not least among young adults”, he told NTB on Friday.

No more than 20 at home

When asked to clarify what is a recommendation and what is a criminal offense, he replied as follows:

“There is no point in spending so much time thinking about what is advice and what is regulation. It is wise to follow both advice and regulations. We say that you should not have more than 20 people at home at a party. And that you should be able to keep a distance of 1 meter. Few of us have houses where we can have 20 friends at home at the same time. Most can host fewer. It is also important to keep that in mind”, he continued.

A lot in Møre og Romsdal

A little after midnight, the police in Molde moved out.

“Message about a lot of people filling up the Campus Molde. A lot of people gathered indoors in small areas. The patrol is trying to resolve this. This will also be followed up administratively on Monday”, the police report.

In a student complex in Glomstuvegen, the police ended several parties, following complaints from neighbors. Earlier in the evening, they went out to a party with 20-30 participants in Boråsvegen after noise complaints.

In addition, the police in the district had to move out to a warehouse in Storgata in Ålesund where 15-20 young people were gathered. They were ordered to mute the music.

50-60 at a home party

The Innland police district moved out at 11 pm on Saturday night to a residential house on the Cape in Østre Toten municipality.

“Upon our arrival, there were about 50-60 people on site. The party ended and  peace was established for the night”, reports the operations center.

In Bodø, the police stopped a party in a private home with between 30 and 40 people in their late teens.

“They disturbed the night’s peace. The party owner was ordered to keep quiet for the rest of the night”, the Nordland police district informs.


In Sørreisa, crews from the Troms police district were called to an event “where there was a bad atmosphere and a scuffle between some party participants”.

“Probably about 50 people in total. By the time the police arrived, it had calmed down, and the party ended”, the operations center writes.

Also in Tromsø, the police ended a couple of parties after complaints from neighbors.

“In one of the cases, there were a total of about 30 people, and the police emptied the house of party participants”, it is reported.

Agder and Sørvest

During the night in Agder, the police received 15 reports of disturbance of night peace and noise from private parties.

“This is a normal night for a Sunday. Some have been charged. Others we have not had the capacity to move out on or prioritize as other tasks have been more important”, the operations center states.

The southwest police district reports a little over 20 “party noise reports”, most of which have been resolved through the use of verbal orders.  

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