Several reports of illness among dogs who have eaten wrongly produced feed

DogDog.Photo: Vegard Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Hundreds of Norwegian dogs have become seriously ill after eating wrongly produced dry feed from Felleskjøpet according to VG newspaper.


Several owners have had to kill their animals.

At the end of last week Felleskjøpet pulled several lots of pet food from the market.

The producer stated that the feed contains too much magnesium, which can cause dogs and cats to become drowsy and get diarrhoea.

A large number of dog owners have reported about major problems according to VG.

Thor Ingar Petterson from Kongsberg has had dogs for 30 years and has not experienced anything similar to the stomach problems that ravaged the dogs in recent weeks. All his ten dog dogs of the Alaska husky species had loose stools in the summer.

“The dogs painted the dogyard brown,” he said.

On Felleskøpet’s Facebook pages, several dog owners reported similar experiences and several described illnesses that ended with having to kill the dogs.

Wrong production applied to varieties of feedstuffs,Appetitt, Matmons and Labb, disclosed Felleskjøpet Agri, which published a complete list of affected products on its web page.

‘’We have now had direct contact with more customers affected by this error in production.In some cases, the causal relationship between the feed and the illness within the given period and the symptoms of the pet seems clear. Expenses for veterinarian use are also covered by compensation” said Thomas Skjennald, Communications Manager at Felleskjøpet.

He explained that they had discovered what the wrong production was and know for sure that this had been limited to a given period.


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