Several stopped with over the alcohol limit on the lake in Kragerø

PolicePolice.Photo: Kyrre Lien / SCANPIX .

The police got a solid catch when they had a control on the lake in Kragerø.Four boaters were stopped with between 1 and 2 promille alcohol levels flowing through their bloodstream.


The clock had passed midnight when a man in his 50’s blew red and was measured at 2 , wrote Agderposten newspaper.

A little later, a man in his 20’s blew over 1. A man in his 40’s was stopped at four o’clock with equally high alcohol levels.

Just before that, another man in his 40’s was stopped and measured at approximately 1.5. He did not consent to seizure of his driver’s license, or a driving ban, and would not be questioned. Thus, the night ended in his arrest.

“There are a number of skippers who should never have driven a boat in Kragerø tonight,” said Christian Gulli, Head of Operations in the Southeast Police District.


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