Several thousand in fur protests in 30 places

fur protestsOslo. Fur protests.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Several thousand participate in fur protests in 30 towns and cities

There has been a nationwide demonstration against the fur industry, arranged in a large number of cities and towns on Saturday night with demonstrators carrying torch lights to demonstrate against the use of fur. Altogether, almost 9,000 people took part in the walks, the organizers reports.


In Oslo, the demonstration went from Youngstorget to the Parliament, where there were appeals. Several thousand met up before the walk started at 5 pm on Saturday.

“The last figures we’ve been given are 4,200. From other cities, hundreds are reported,” says Siri Martinsen from the organization for animal rights  , NOAH, to TV 2.

A press release from NOAH later in the evening revealed that 8,900 demonstrated in 30 cities.

“With another record high meeting of participants and a record high of cities, NOAH’s torchlight walk against fur shows that the people will never forget the furry animals. We simply will not give up until all fur farms go away, fox and mink should not live in tight cages, says Martinsen.

Full shutdown required

Among the slogans on the posters were “No more empty words, we need empty cages”. One of those who participated in the selection in the capital was cartoonist Lise Myhre.

NOAH – for Animal rights, are behind the demonstrations, and they require that fur farming must be ended.


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