Several tips in the Majorstuen murder

Majorstuen Murder Surveillance photo

Several tips in the Majorstuen murder and robbery

The police have received several interesting tips after they went out with a picture of a man who is wanted in connection with the robbery and possibly also the murder at Majorstuen on Monday.


On Friday night, the Oslo Police inform NRK that the tips continue to trickle in.

Since Monday, an intense investigation has been conducted to find out who was behind the murder of Heikki Bjørklund Paltto (24) from Mysen in Østfold. Paltto was found stabbed to death in an apartment in the Arbo street at Majorstuen in the City Centre of Oslo. At the same time, the police have investigated a knife robbery in a garage in Essendrop Street near the murder scene.

– We had not published a photo if we were not sure that there is a link between the cases. Now we have come significantly further in the investigation. We must take into account that the deceased may have been a random victim. That is somewhat more likely as the robbery and the murder seems to be linked, says Inspector in the Oslo Police District, Grete Lien Metlid, to NTB.

She says that, for tactical reasons, the police can not elaborate on what links the robbery and the murder.


The footage of the man was captured at Skøyen station on Monday at 1.16 pm. The police believe that he has walked through the Frogner Park to Skøyen via a pedestrian path.

It is not yet known whether the police are also in possession of video footage from the garage in Essendrop Street, where a person was robbed of a phone and a leather attaché case that morning. The perpetrator has threatened the victim with a knife, but he got away scot free from the incident.

– It is extremely important for the police to identify this robber. Anyone who knows anything about him must contact the police, Metlid emphasises, who takes the opportunity to implore the man in the photo to report himself to the police.

The police are also concerned with observations made along the Frogner River, where several objects linked to the robber has been found. On Friday afternoon, police investigators found a black laptop case in the terrain close to the Frogner River, in the vicinity of the place where the presumed robber is observed. Whether this is the same case which stems from the robbery earlier in the morning, has not been relayed by the police at present.

– Somebody may have seen him carrying something or seen other persons. We concentrate our efforts on finding him, but we can not rule out that there are others involved, Metlid continues.

Has no idea where the man is

The police do not know whether the man is still in Norway, or has fled the country.

– We must take both possibilities into consideration. Nor have we linked the man conclusively to the victim in any way, shape or form. We have no idea who he is [NRK reports that he spoke broken English, Journalist note]. We are taking several steps to find out where he is and use the police apparatus, including Europol, to identify him. We are offensive in our approach, the Police Inspector elaborates.

She will not call Friday’s provision of maps, findings of the objects or the photos of what they have strong reason to believe is the perpetrator.

– There is a significant development in the case. Nonetheless, a lot of work remains in this case, but it is crucial that we possess this picture. We also possess other pictures and pertinent information. There are very sound reasons for publishing this photo, but we do not want to elaborate on why that is the case, Metlid rounds off.


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