Russ indicted for sharing sex video

Russen Russ Kongeparken sex videoRuss (Norwegian students celebrating the end of 13 years in school) : Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Russ indicted for sharing sex video featuring 17-years old

Four Russ (high school graduate students) are charged with sharing a sex video showing one of them having sex with a 17-years-old female. “It is important that they understand the gravity of what they have done,” the police states.

The indicted appear before the Upper Romerike District Court on Monday.

“The teenagers are all between 17 and 19 years old,” writes Dagbladet.

The alleged perpetrators are charged with “having produced material depicting sexualized children”. They are further charged with “having shared the recording or contributing to its sharing”. Finally, they are accused of violating the peace of a 3rd party.

“The girl reported the relationship herself. The foursome is all affected by the provision. It is important that youngsters understand this”, Police Lawyer of East Police District, Camilla Granstrøm, explains.



Sex video shared on Instagram

The defendants allegedly have shared the sex video in a group chat before publishing an edited version on Instagram. Their purpose was to promote their vehicle, according to the charge.

The girl’s assisting lawyer, Birgit Vinnes, informs that her client has struggled with her sleep, self-confidence and concentration after the sharing. She wishes to emphasise that it is not okay to film and publish that someone has sex; if the person has not agreed to that.

“My client is sorry for what has happened. He will explain himself about it,” defence lawyer of one of the defendant’s, Runa Elin Korsberg, tells Dagbladet.

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