Sexual harassment scandal shakes Norwegian police: “We’re very concerned”

Johan FredriksenPhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

Police inspector Johan Fredriksen confirmed that sexual harassment has been revealed in the Oslo police.

“This concerns us very much… It has been revealed that there are findings (editor’s note: of sexual harassment) in the Oslo police as well,” Fredriksen told newspaper VG.

Recently, researchers sounded the alarm about a negative sexual culture in the police. 

Among other things, stories emerged of abuse of position to get sex in exchange for good references. 

The Police Academy, in particular, has been criticized in the report.

A separate investigation

On the basis of the findings, the Oslo police have launched a separate investigation to deal with the problem. 

“There are cases involving culture and unwanted behavior that we have solved within our own organization. 

“Here, we are not necessarily talking about matters that are covered by the penal code and should be investigated, but responsible management must address them,” the police inspector noted.

The initial study that raised the alarm was about gender and diversity in security organizations in general, not just in the police. 

It mainly looked into the operational parts of the police.

The study was conducted by Professor Dag Ellingsen at the Police Academy and Professor Ulla-Britt Lilleaas at the Center for Interdisciplinary Gender Research.

Policewoman comes forward with stories of sexual harassment

In a recent column, police superintendent Tania Randby Garthus revealed many experiences of sexual harassment in the police. 

Garthus wrote an article on Politiforum about her experiences from the 90s and 2000s.

She described a culture where “forced kissing” and “sharp pinches” on places on the body where it hurts a lot that resulted in giant bruises on the inner thighs were only part of what was going on

Was asked about sex

She also shared an episode where a male police officer approached her when she was supposed to spend the night at the police station.

“As a recent ensign in the 90s, I was to spend the night at the station… A colleague stood wide-legged in the doorway and said that he would come by during the night so I could have some sex. Just jokingly, of course, but did I feel completely safe lying on a mattress and trying to sleep?” she wrote in the article.

“Strong policewoman”

Garthus appeared in Dagsrevyen on Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), and she was praised by police director Benedicte Bjørnland.

“It is a sad story, but she was a strong policewoman,” Bjørnland told NRK.

The police director emphasized that the police have taken action after the stories emerged this week.

“That is why we are now launching an employee survey that explicitly addresses sexual harassment and with detailed questions,” Bjørnland noted.

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  1. old wise and educated | 18. October 2020 at 21:37 | Reply

    check the rate of convictions for rape offenders..despite sufficient evidence existing to make an arrest.Norways’ conviction rates are the lowest in the western world.
    As for Paedophilia ..Norway is a paradise for all sexual offenders—
    I research for concrete facts..and they are not hard to find.
    And as for having a statute of limitations–what sort of mentality lies behind that ?
    This news item is a tiny example of something much bigger and more frightening hidden under the mat.

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