Shaman Durek Verrett says he is subjected to racism

Princess Märtha Louise and Shaman Durek.Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

Durek Verrett has been subjected to racism after he and Princess Märtha Louise declared in May that they were a couple, the shaman tells The Sunday Times.

There was great debate when Princess Märtha Louise announced that she and shaman Durek Verrett had become a couple through the social media platform, Instagram. The statement was made a week before the couple embarked on a lecture tour on self-realization under the title “The Princess and the Shaman”.

As a result of the attention, Verrett believes he has been subjected to gross racism, he tells British The Sunday Times.

“People tell me they want to hang me from a tree, that there should be no “n-word” at the Castle, that I’m Rasputin,” he told the newspaper.

To VG, Verrett says that the racist comments have come from Norwegian people, but also from around the world.

“What Märtha and I have found out is that it is necessary for people to show their true face. If our love can bring things that have been beneath the surface, inside people, up to the surface, then so be it,” he says.

Verrett emphasizes that he and the princess want dialogue around the hateful comments so that one can get to the bottom of why racism spreads.

The shaman will not comment if he has been in dialogue with the Castle about the hateful comments.

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