Sharp upswing in stomach flu cases


This year’s winter has resulted in far more outbreaks of stomach flu than last year, according to The Institute of Public Health.

Most cases are caused by the Noro-virus. In December, the Ministry of Health warning mentioned 27 eruptions, a sharp increase from the same month last year when six outbreaks were reported.

Also in January, there were a lot of viruses in circulation. A recorded 19 outbreaks, against seven in January of last year.

– What the caused for the increase is hard to tell, said Deputy Director of the People’s Health Institute (NIPH), Frode Forland.

– Some seasons are worse than others. It is the same as with the influenza virus. Sometimes due to fluke circumstances, while other times due to more viruses in circulation, says Forland.

Most outbreaks are reported in institutions such as nursing homes or hospitals. The Noro virus is not yet properly classified, but the symptoms are vomiting and diarrhoea.

– The Noro-virus is highly contagious, and residents in health institutions are particularly vulnerable to an outbreak, according to senior adviser at the NIPH, Solveig Jore.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today