Major ship accident exercise in Nordland

ship accident viking skyThe cruise ship "Viking sky" adrift with engine failure. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

A major ship accident is the scenario when the annual crisis exercise, Øvelse Nord, kicks off in Nordland at the end of April.

‘’The rescue operation for Viking Sky confirms how important it is to practice preparedness and rescue along the coast and offshore on a large scale,’’ said Erlend Hagenes, head of Øvelse Nord 2019.

He still had little to say about the rescue operation around the Viking Sky cruise ship. The evacuation model that was used was developed by Øvelse Nord in 2016. The same model will be used in this year’s exercises.

“The action to save passengers and crew from the cruise ship in Hustadvika could not have been better implemented given the number of operational helicopters available, and weather,” said Hagenes.

1,500 persons

This year’s exercise will include around 1,500 people and engage five ships, several helicopters and military and civilian equipmentto the tune of NOK 4.5 billion. The commander and the crew of one of the helicopters used during the rescue operation for Viking Sky are among those who will participate during this year’s crisis exercise.

Øvelse Nord (Exercise North) is the country’s largest civilian and military crisis and emergency preparedness exercise. It is also the world’s largest crisis exercise under the auspices of a university.

The crisis exercise alternates between practicing anti-terrorism and major rescue operations. The exercise is arranged for the 25th of April in Bodø, Gildeskål, and Fauske in Nordland.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today
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