Ship in distress – five evacuees

cargo ship Tide Carrier HarrierCargo ship "Tide Carrier". Now renamed "Harrier" Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

Cargo ship with engine failure near Jæren, five people evacuated. Tug boats in place

Five crew members were evacuated from the cargo ship “Tide Carrier” Wednesday afternoon and brought by helicopter to Sola Rescue Centre, near Stavanger.

There are still 15 people aboard the ship, anchored about 100 meters from the infamous Feistein shoals. A cable has successfully been transferred to the carrier. The Rescue Central for Southern Norway (JRCC) announced that non essential personnel were evacuated along with one of the crew members suffering from a foot fracture. The ship has been drifting since Wednesday morning.
Around 6 pm the JRCC plans to put two trained specialists on board the vessel to determine whether the freighter can be towed the under the prevailing weather conditions.


Source: Dagbladet / Norway Today