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Shots fired at community centre on Frøya

shotgun Frøya weapon firearmsSingle barrel shotgun. Photo:


Shots fired at community centre on Frøya in Trøndelag

A man in his twenties is arrested after a shot hit a community centre on Frøya in Trøndelag. No one was injured in the incident.


– There was very little drama attached to the incident. There is a party arranged in a community centre at 2 pm today. The organisers called us and said that shots were fired at the building. After some investigation, a man in his twenties has been arrested and we have seized a weapon, says Operations Manager in the Trøndelag Police District, Bernt Tiller, to NTB.

– Nobody is injured and we perceive this more as an accidental discharge than a shot aimed at anyone, he adds.

According to the information that was relayed to the police, two shots may have been fired, but the police have so far not been able to confirm that. The police hope that the interrogation of the detainee will clarify what has happened.

– We must try to talk to him a bit, and we’ll see if he is brought to Trondheim or not, Tiller says.

He does not want to elaborate on what kind of firearm the police has seized.


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