Shots fired during car chase in Molde

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The Police fired shots during a car chase in Molde

No one was injured when a 40-year-old man tried to run over Police Officers during a car chase outside Molde on Sunday night. The police loosened several shots at the car.


The police in Møre & Romsdal has notified the Norwegian Bureau for Police Affairs after they shot at a passenger car at Skåla in the municipality of Molde during the night before Sunday. Nobody was injured during the car chase, which lasted for 45 minutes.

The police first moved out shortly after three am as a response to a notification of possible drunk driving from an address at Skåla in the Molde municipality.

It was the start of a comprehensive hunt involving several police patrols from Molde police station. He drove through several barriers with a Chevrolet van, police inspector in Møre og Romsdal police district, Yngve Skovly, informs.

Several shots

“We send a car in the direction of Skåla when we get the message. At 2.45 am we locate the car. It drives on Bolsøya, and we get a civilian police car on the road that takes up position at a crossroads on the main road where the van hits the police car,” Operations Leader in Møre & Romsdal Police District, Tor-André Gram Franck, tells NTB.

The police also loosened several shots at the car in an attempt to incapacitate the vehicle.

the police finally stopped the vehicle at 3.34 am on Nesjestranda. The driver was subsequently arrested. The man will be attempted to be questioned by the police in Ålesund on Sunday.

“Before we have been interrogated the arrestee, it is very difficult to provide any more information in the case,” Police Inspector Skovly explains.

Spike strip

According to Operations Leader Gram Franck, the man deliberately crashed into a police car before continuing.

“We lie behind him and throw out a spike strip in front of him. He drives into the ditch and past the obstacle and attempts to run into police officers a couple of times. In this connection, shots were fired at the body of the vehicle in order to stop it,” the Operations leader elaborates.

The police contacted the man on his phone during the chase in an attempt to persuade him to stop.

“He replied that he wasn’t about to stop for the police,” Franck continues.

How many shots were fired, the police do not wish to comment on.

“We choose not to release that information. The Bureau must say something about that if they so wish” according to Skovly.

Known to the Police

The man was examined by a doctor after the arrest.

Gram Franck does, likewise, not want to comment on how many police officers were attempted to run over. He says that the Bureau must investigate the details.

Franck informs that they have knowledge of the man from previous encounters. This Skovly confirms to NTB.

“He’s been convicted several times before, including for economic crimes,” the police officer clarifies.

Uncertain if the case goes to the Bureau of Police Matters

Lawyer Halvor Hjelm-Hansen, who is head of the Bureau for Police Affairs’ Investigational Department in Central and Northern Norway, tells NTB on Sunday that, despite the fact that the police have fired shots, it is not certain that the case will be investigated by them:

“There is no information about any injury to persons based on the information we have received. The Bureau has automatic investigations into cases where, as a result of police actions, deaths or serious bodily harm occur. The starting point is that the Police District must consider the information they possess if the Bureau should handle the matter.”

Furthermore, he confirms that “several” shots were loosened at the van, but not how many. The Bureau is still waiting for more information about the incident before they wish to comment.

“The information we have received is that there has been a situation that made for armament to be applied. If we receive this case, we’ll have to investigate further,” Hjelm-Hansen concludes.

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