Shots fired at a venue in Oslo

Torggata in Oslo.Restaurant. Nilsens Spiseri & Harmoni Bar.Photo: NTB scanpix / Terje Bendiksby.

A ‘significant’ number of shots were fired at a nightclub on Youngstorget in Oslo on Sunday night. Nobody was injured.


‘We received a message just after 03.00 that shots had been fired at a night club in Torggata. Fortunately, it was closed, so nobody was present’, said Christian Krohn Engseth, Head of Operations in Oslo Police District to NTB News network.

‘A significant number of shots were fired at the venue, and the weapon lay on the ground. A person was seen running from Pløens gate towards Storgata’, said Engseth. To VG newspaper he sayd that it was a two-handed weapon.

The operations manager said it had shot through the windows of the Nilsens Spiseri & Harmoni Bar.

‘There was a witness who had heard and seen this, who reported it to us’.

The scene is closed pending a forensic investigation. At the same time, several patrols have sought in the area for the perpetrator.

At 05.40, the police reported on Twitter that they had stepped down the active search.

Currently there are no arrests in the case.

The suspect is described as dressed in black, possibly a track-suit, with a black hat, is approximately 175 cm tall, and possibly light haired.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today