SIAN and Muslim theologians will meet on UN Day

Yousuf GilaniOslo.Liberal Party - politician Yousuf Gilani (right).Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

A debate meeting between Muslim theologians and Stop the Islamization of Norway (SIAN) will be held in Drammen on 24th October.

“What is important is that the dialogue meeting should not be a meeting where we will make SIAN love Islam, but it is a first step to increase the understanding of Muslims and Islam”, says Yousuf Gilani (V), the municipal politician in Drammen, to Our Country.

After several months of planning, Gilani and other members of the working group are ready with the date for the meeting between SIAN and representatives of various Muslim denominations.

A limit of 80 spectators has been set for the event.

“We will have a balance between those who sympathize with and support SIAN, and those who want a voice for Islam”, Gilani says.

There have recently been very heated SISN demonstrations and counter-demonstrations in both Bergen and Oslo. In Bergen, SIAN leader Lars Thorsen was attacked by young people, while the police cracked down hard on the counter-protesters. In Oslo, the SIAN profile, Fanny Bråten, tore to pieces and spat on pages from the Koran during the celebration, which was held outside the Storting, and 29 protesters were arrested.

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