SIAN chairman Arne Tumyr says he will burn the Quran again

Stop Islamisation of Norway (SIAN)Stop Islamisation of Norway (SIAN).Photo: SIAN

SIAN’s front figure Arne Tumyr tells Agderposten that he will burn the Quran again. “This is just the beginning,” Tumyr told the newspaper.

On Saturday a week ago, SIAN (Stop Islamization of Norway) burnt a Quran during a demonstration in Kristiansand.

Now Tumyr says he’s going to do it again.

“Yes absolutely. This is just the beginning of a freedom movement. It is about the right to criticize religion,” says Tumyr to Agderposten.

He tells the newspaper that burning the Quran is not what he wants most.

“What I prefer is to sit down with people and discuss arguments and facts. But no one wants or dares,” Tumyr tells the newspaper.

He says the reason they burned the book was to “wake the people up.”

It was during a SIAN demonstration in Kristiansand on Saturday, November 16th, that the organization had announced that they were going to burn a Quran. They were told by the police that they were not allowed. Tumyr therefore threw a copy of the Quran into a trash can instead.

Right after this, SIAN leader Lars Thorsen set fire to another copy of the Quran.

Five counter-protesters and one SIAN member were brought in after the demonstration for, among other things, disturbing the peace and order and failing to comply with police orders.

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7 Comments on "SIAN chairman Arne Tumyr says he will burn the Quran again"

  1. So I take it SAIN are not Norwegian people because this is not how we behave. We have a civilisation and should remain civilised. Otherwise we become nothing more than Vikings…am I right? So racism and dictatorship should not happen in my Norwegian opinion and factual logical Lutheran Christian point of view. I hope the churches can get through to this guy. Otherwise I’m sorry but this racist should just go to jail where a racist belongs. This is not freedom of speach when it’s a racial crime. And I’m not even a muslim speaking like this. And my bloodline goes very far back. This land contains a civilisation. Perhaps civilisation knowledge and education needs to be reinstated here as well as the law. Racism is uncivilised behaviour, which is also a crime and a public disturbance. Further more the Koran is a holy book accepting one god, therefore Lutheran’s belief clearly instates this book is OK. So as both a law abiding citizen and Lutheran of Norway I hope the government can educate these cultists that they’re behaving very uncivilised and illegal here.

  2. The bastard (Arne Tumyr) should learn that when he has the right to criticize other religions, he should also let them criticize (burn) him alive. Oh bastard (Arne Tumyr), you already proved that you do not belong to single father. So again dig deep inside your toxic for Islam, prepare to prove that you are fool again.

  3. I feel very sad on the bloody Norway government, whose ass does not have a power to stop these barking dogs.

  4. He who really respects his religion respects other religion too.

  5. If that organisation proves that islam is not the best religion on the face of earth for human kind and Qur’an is not the best book for the guidance of human kind, I’ll except his ideology or faith .
    I challenge you , Islam is only faith for betterment of human kind.

  6. May God show him the right path, it’s not about who is right and who is wrong, it’s about hurting the sentiments of billions of Muslims worldwide. Not only that, doesn’t Christianity allow for other religions to safely practice their religion? A true Christian by faith would dare not do such a cowardly act. I’m not a Muslim, but have you guys ever seen a Muslim burning Bible? The reason is that Muslims believe in oneness of God and believe in Jesus Christ and would dare not even put Bible on the floor, forget doing anything such horrific to it. We need peace in this world, Jesus taught us to be kind to even your enemies, so where is the kindness? Jesus showed us to be respectful to others, is this how we give respect? Ashamed of this guy.

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