Sian met with drums, songs and slogans in front of the Storting

Stig Andersen.SIANOslo.Stig Andersen speaks. Stop the Islamization of Norway - SIAN - in Eidsvoll's square in front of the Storting.Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB scanpix

Sian was greeted by a large group of protesters who sang, drummed and shouted slogans against them in front of the Storting on Saturday. “This is reminiscent of Iraq,” Sian said.

The anti-Islamic group, Stop the Islamization of Norway, arranged a so-called ‘offense party’ in front of the Storting on Saturday.

“There is a bit of a tense atmosphere thanks to the heavily militarized police who are present,” says Siavash Mobasheri, leader of Rødt Oslo, to NTB. He is involved in organizing the counter-demonstrators.

The first speaker was Stig Andersen, who was greeted by drums, singing and slogans. There were far more counter-protesters than those standing within the barricades set up around the Sian supporters.

“Here in Oslo, we can still use freedom of expression, but it looks like we are in a security zone reminiscent of Iraq. Freedom of expression in Norway in 2020 is something you have to work for, pay for and even bleed for,” Andersen said.

At the same time, the drums of the counter-protesters were beaten continuously. They stood in a large ring around Eidsvold square, while there were fences and police between them and the Sian group. Last week, there were dramatic scenes in Bergen when Sian leader Lars Thorsen was attacked during the demonstration held in Bergen city center.

“Offense is a destructive idea that I have to keep quiet if you do not like what you hear. Offense is a prerequisite for freedom of expression, which is the cornerstone of democracy,” said Lars Thorsen before the Storting.

When Thorsen took the floor, the temperature of the counter-protesters rose, and they tore down the fences that separated the two parties. Guards from the protesters, however, quickly intervened.

Police also intervened quickly against counter-protesters that attacked the fences.

“No racists in our streets,” chanted the protesters while Thorsen spoke.

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