Siem Pilot rescued 975people in the Mediterranean (which become 976 by birth of new child)

A little boy was born aboard Siem Pilot SaturdayA little boy was born aboard Siem Pilot Saturday.Photo: Kripos / NTB scanpix

A little boy was born aboard Siem Pilot Saturday. Over the past few days, the Norwegian ship rescued 976 people from the Mediterranean.

– The birth took half an hour and went actually completely by the book. There was obviously a lot of thoughts through the mind of the woman to see her smile in the end, it was amazing to experience, says nurse anesthetist Thomas Usler (39) to the newspaper VG.

Earlier this week, the 22 year olds mother taken aboard the Norwegian boat with a group of people in the sea off Italy.

Siem Pilot, together with the ship Peter Henry von Koss in over eighteen months rescued refugees and other people out of Mediterranean and brought them safely to port in Italy and Greece.

-975 people been Saved during the last few days. Now 975 become 976. A small boy is born on board. All well with mother and child, writes NCIS Twitter r.

The ships were originally serve in half a year, but the mission has been extended into 2017 because of the steady stream of people fleeing in boats at sea.

According to the Police Directorate, the two ships since spring 2015 saved 59,000 people from the sea between North Africa, the Middle East and southern Europe’s coastline. The rescue work is done in cooperation with EU boundary strengthen Frontex, and several other organizations.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today