Significant avalanche risk in southern and western Norway on Friday

Avalanche Avalanches christmas weatherAvalanche. Photo:

The danger of avalanches will increase considerably in Western Norway on Thursday,and the escalated risk will increase in volume on Friday.


There is already moderate avalanche risk all over Norway, but the danger of landslide is increasing, and is now set to the second highest warning level – orange – in both Indre Fjordane, Voss, and Hardanger. Tomorrow, the risk of avalanches is considered to become significant at Sunnmøre, in Jotunheimen, Inner Sogn, Hallingdal, and Western Telemark, according to

The increased risk is due to large snow buildups, and high winds in the mountains, which moves fresh snow to the meadows. The fact that under these new layers is older snow-cover,and so-called ‘edge-grained snow’ can enhance the danger, and give rise to greater damage.In the high mountains, conditions are described as becoming ‘demanding’ on Friday.


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