Significant differences in kindergarten food

KindergartenKindergarten Children.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

The Consumer Council has found major variations in the quality of food served in Norwegian kindergartens according to Klassekampen newspaper. It is a worrying trend.


“We are worried about the big difference between the diets of children in kindergartens. There are moderation schemes for parents with low incomes, but the costs are excluded” said Marie Skinstad-Jansen, chairperson of the parent committee for kindergartens (FUB).

Today, 52 kindergartens have a cost of over 650 kroner per child per month. It comes in addition to the maximum price of 2,910 kroner that the parents pay for kindergarten attendance.

The FUB leader believes many of those who could benefit the most are excluded from kindergartens, the aim being to give the children an extra boost in the food path. She believes that the matrices should be included in the maximum price, and thus in the arrangements for moderation.

Senior Vice President of the Consumer Council, Anne Kristin Vie,pointed out that half of the meals children eat are admitted to the kindergarten.

“It is paradoxical that people do not think about public health when it comes to the meals served in kindergartens,” she said.

Despite the government’s national action plan for a better diet for the entire population, the People’s Health Report showed that the social health differences in Norway are increasing.


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