Situation still critical for brothers

Picture of the pool where the accident happenedTwo brothers aged 13 and 15 were taken inanimate up of this seaside deep pool in the river valley Beard Tyssedal. It's about life and they are sent to Haukeland hospital in Bergen. Foto: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

The condition was Sunday still critical for two brothers aged 13 and 15 years who were picked up, showing no signs of life, from the bottom of a river in Tyssedal in Odda municipality on Saturday afternoon.

– The condition  is critical for both of them,  Haukeland University Hospital said on Sunday morning.

The two brothers were going swimming in a natural pool at Tysse river in Odda municipality when the accident occurred. Both were found at the bottom of the three-meter deep waters, and they were both unconscious.

– There were two other children nearby who suddenly noticed that the two brothers were not able to keep their heads above water,  Tatiana Knappen at the police operations center said to  the local newspaper Bergens Tidende.

Resuscitation attempts were made on site before the brothers were sent to Haukeland University Hospital in a Sea King rescue helicopter. The children at the site contacted adults, who in turn contacted the police.

According to the local BergensAvisen the two brothers are originally from Iraq and arrived in Norway along with the rest of their family  last year. The parents went straight to the hospital after they were notified of the accident, the police said.