Siv Jensen: I will never return to Norwegian politics

Siv JensenPhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

“I can say with certainty that I will never return to Norwegian politics,” former Progress Party (FRP) leader Siv Jensen said on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, she held a press conference to launch her new book, “Siv. In my own words,” which will be published by Kagge publishing house this week.

“Yesterday, when the media started writing about the book, an old feeling came back. It’s a feeling that disappeared the moment I announced that I was going to leave. That restlessness, the pain in my stomach, I have been so happy to get rid of it. When I felt it, it was enough for me to say with certainty that I will never return to Norwegian politics,” Jensen said.

In the book, Jensen portrays both party colleagues and political opponents. In particular, she takes a stand against her predecessor Carl I. Hagen, who is said to have constantly criticized Jensen and, at the same time, demanded a significant place in the party.

On Hagen

“Already in the summer of 2007, one year after I was elected to the party position, Carl needed to say that I did not meet goals,” Jensen wrote.

However, Jensen set aside rumors of rivalry between her and her successor Sylvi Listhaug.

‘I see myself in Sylvi. There is no real political disagreement between us,” she stated.

NTB has been in contact with Carl I. Hagen to give him the opportunity to respond to the criticism in the book. He has stated that he has no comment.

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