Siv Jensen reacts strongly to Turkey’s reaction towards SIAN

Sian demonstrationBergen.Sian demonstration.Photo: Eivind Senneset / NTB scanpix

FRP leader Siv Jensen(Progress Party) reacted strongly to the initiative, that the Turkish Foreign Ministry came up with after the organization SIAN burned the Koran in Oslo this weekend.

The ministry condemns the action in a statement on the Turkish embassy’s Facebook page and writes that it expects the Norwegian authorities to take the necessary measures to ensure that this type of action does not happen again.

Jensen reacts strongly to this. She expects the government to give the Turkish authorities a clear message that freedom of expression is enshrined in the constitution in Norway.

“We will not allow totalitarian forces or other states to restrict the constitutional freedom of expression we have in Norway. Let me state that it is perfectly legal to burn the Koran in Norway. It should still be. I distance myself from burning the Koran, in the same way I distance myself from burning the Norwegian flag or the Bible. It is still something we must endure in our society, because it is part of freedom of expression”, says the FRP leader in a comment to NTB.

At the same time, she emphasizes that the party is maintaining a distance from Stopping the Islamization of Norway (SIAN).

It was during a celebration on Saturday that the SIAN profile, Fanny Bråten, tore to pieces and spat on pages from the Koran.

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  1. In most countries, defiling a religious book is trying to start trouble and has become a hate crime, but I can also understand Scandinavian countries wanting to preserve their nothing-is-sacred extreme democratic freedom of expression.

    “Meanwhile, back at the ranch,” Turkey has been supplying heavy weapons to its Islamists in Idlib, and the Russians have just air-struck them massively and hard.

    BulgarianMilitary com was reporting Turkey had big plans for big operations against Syria, so the Russians massively built up too and have apparently staged a devastating pre-emptive strike.

    A month or two ago, NATO SecGen Jens Stoltenberg said NATO supports Turkey’s operations in – invasion of – Syria, which is “interventionism” far outside NATO Article 5 collective *defense* authority/protection.

    (Jens also went along with the wrongful NATO interventionism in – attack on – Libya, and bears heavy responsibility for the resulting (predicted, whirlwind-of-knives) holocaust, which he seems to have forgotten.)

    So time for Jens to step down.

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