Siv Jensen to permit customs officers to carry pepper spray

Finance Minister Siv JensenFinance Minister Siv Jensen.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Minister of Finance and Fremskrittsparti (Frp) leader, Siv Jensen thinks it is unproblematic for customs officers to carry pepper spray. She wants to change the rules, so the practice becomes legal and lasting.

Jensen has chief responsibility for the customs officers, and in 2016 gave permission for a trial project where a selection of officers carred the weapon until 2018 reported NRK news.

‘’It’s because the customs officers themselves have wanted to carry pepper spray for security in an occasionally demanding job. I see no reason why they should not be able to continue carrying pepper spray at work’’ said Jensen.

This week, NRK revealed that more customs officers continued to use pepper spray after the project was completed and without the authority for its use. The customs department first wanted to get permission from the police to have the weapon, but then decided to withdraw the pepper spray immediately.

Jensen thinks the matter appears unnecessarily bureaucratic and will work with the Ministry of Justice to see what is needed for customs to get the spray back.

‘’I perceive that the customs authorities never have any desire to break the rules they are subject to at any given time. From time to time, there are mistaken interpretations of the regulations, but then we clear it up’’ said the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Deputy chairman, Kari Tanderø Schaug, of the
Norwegian Tollerforbund, believes pepper spray is important for customs officers’ safety at work.